Swap & Share Brunch

Swap & Share is the idea of swapping clothes you don’t use any more but are still on a good state. Yes, you know the ones I’m talking about, those ones languishing in a corner of your closet… those ones you look at once a year and say: “oh yes, this year I swear I’ll wear this all the time” and then a new year comes and they are still intact in the same spot…

I’m guilty of having plenty of this “promise-I’ll-wear-it” garments…

So I organised a brunch, got a few friends together and it was a fantastic experience! We ate, we swapped, we shared, we ate again! And then gave all the clothing left to a Non For Profit organisation. More images on Facebook.Brunch table


Eggs in a cup!

These egg and ham cups are so easy to make! Using a 12 hole baking tray, grease the holes, put ham or bacon as a liner and then crack an egg on top! you can add cheese or other goodies to the bottom and then garnish with pepper, salt and whatever herbs you fancy. I used chives…

yogurt parfaits

Fatty penguin cookies! or what happens when you modify someone else’s recipe and your slim nice icebox cookies end up bloating out of proportion! ;D

penguin cookies

This was so much fun I’ll definitely be hosting one next year!



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