Orange typography cupcakes

Love typography…must be cause my hand writing has slowly degenerated through time and now looks like hieroglyphs done by a very unstable hand… anyways, less ramble, the thing is that I like the nice, all perfect, legible fonts and I’ve been collecting them on my computer (800+ now!) for years.

The point is that when I saw tiny letter cookie cutters at a store I couldn’t have buy them faster if I was the Roadrunner. Coincidentally, I got an order for another lot of bye bye cupcakes so I seize the chance, rolled my fondant and cut away!

Orange cupcakes with typography

The words are Dag (Dutch), Ciao (Italian), Bye (English) and Adios (Spanish).

Bye orange cupcakes

The flavours were orange chocolate cakes with orange buttercream. You can use any chocolate recipe you normally use and just add the zest of one orange (I try not to use artificial flavours when possible…) and a bit of orange juice for more moisture.

Orange cupcakes

Orange cupcake

Bye bye cupcakes


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