Tim Burton-inspired birthday bash

When I turned 30 I realised I was nowhere near “adulthood”… for real…. I don’t mind being 30, I actually enjoy getting older and I couldn’t care less if I have a wrinkle or a thousand, but my brain seems to differ with the “PLAN” of settling, buying a house, having a kid, planting a tree, writing a book…you know, doing adult things (whatever they do….).

Instead, I make costumes, cupcakes, explore abandon buildings, scrape my knees on the bike, train for roller derby … and I still catch myself saying “when I grow up”… Let’s face it I don’t think I’ll grow more unless we are talking horizontally! hehe

So my 30th celebrations involved costumes (obviously) and way too many candies and sugar!

Tim Burton party

The venue was a fantastic club with a myriad of tacky, quirky decorations, a perfect mixture for my Burtonian land!

Wonka bars

skellington pops

Tim Burton mini cupcakes

These double dip chocolate strawberries were very yummy! White chocolate and then red chocolate on top.strawberries

For my cake, I mixed my two favourite flavours: coconut & dulce de leche! with wafer paper butterflies and one of Tim Burton tragic toys: the pin cushion queen.

pin cushion cake

pin cushion queen cake


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