Friday Eye Candy!

I’ve been super busy with a big order this week and I’m still going through the pics so for a bit of sweetness on this oh-very-sweet-Friday, here are a few of my cupcakes from here and there…. These are more about flavours that toppers and decorations but I hope you like them and maybe get some inspiration for your next batch… let me know if you want any recipes for the next post!

Pina Colada cupcakes:

Pinneaple cake with coconut frosting (I need to do these again but with a bit of rhum next time ;D)

Pina colada cupcakes

Choco-pumpkin cupcakes

It’s a brownie! It’s a pumpkin pie! it’s every thing I need on this cold southern hemisphere winter evening!

Pumpkin brownie cupcakes

Pumpkin brownie cupcakes

Dates & Caramel cupcakes

I added some dates to the normal vanilla cupcake recipe and instead of icing I used a caramel can… simple as, good as…

Dates & Caramel cupcakes

Coffee chocolate extravaganza cupcakes

These are white chocolate coated with coffee icing on top and then drizzled with caramel and dark chocolate on top!

Coffee chocolate extravaganza

Coffee chocolate extravaganza


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