Bye for a bit and Memo Cupcakes

I am going on holidays for a little bit! I am very excited because as a Spanish girl living in antipodean soil I don’t get to see my family as much as I’d like to. This time my mother and brother are flying from Madrid to Hong Kong, where I’ll meet them and then we will go to Cebu, Philippines. I have never been so can’t wait!

Memo cupcakes

The downside is that my partner, Steve, is not coming… and I am sure going to miss him! I wanted to do some nice cupcakes for him as a good bye gift and I wanted him to remember to water my plants (doom… hehehe) therefore, the memo cupcakes were born!

Memo cupcakes

There is one for each day I’m gone with little messages for him and today he took to work the first one! 😀 See you soon!

Memo cupcakes

Memo cupcakes

Memo cupcakes

memo cupcakes


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