Rainbow cupcakes!

I’ve been experimenting with cotton candy and it hasn’t gone good… but failure is always  a way of learning and sometimes you can salvage something from all the mess, like these rainbow & clouds cupcakes.

Rainbow cupcakes with cotton candy

What’s wrong with cotton candy? Well if you add it to “wet” icing such as cream cheese frosting it starts to melt very fast and then it disappears leaving behind a sugary blob… This cupcake below was on its way already…

Rainbow cupcakes with cotton candy

I also tried to paint it, when doing the cupcakes for ClimateWorks and the mystery disappearance happened in like 3 seconds! Below CP, the carbon particle, about to disappear (imagine if this happened with actual carbon particles :D)

carbon particle cupcakes

However, you can also leave the cotton candy for last and add it to your cupcake just before serving… I love the fluffiness and soft look it gives to cupcakes! also the taste was nice, in this case it tasted like pineapple.

Rainbow cupcakes with cotton candy



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