White choc & Hazelnut bombon cupcakes

Yesterday was my birthday! and although I don’t plan to celebrate it for a couple of weeks more, there is always room for a mini celebration when bombons and cupcakes are included!

Bombon cupcake

These cupcakes are milk chocolate cakes with white chocolate icing and a white chocolate bombon with hazelnut ganache filling on top! whoa what a long name! Should think of a shorter one….

Bombon cupcake

I bought a silicon baking tray for mini cakes a few days ago but I think it works much better for bomboms. The recipe is quite simple:

Hazelnut white chocolate bombons

  • 500gr of white chocolate (for cooking)
  • 200gr of hazelnut meal
  • Food colouring if wanted
  • 1 baking tray for mini cakes or bombons (I used this one)

Melt the white chocolate using the microwave (don’t forget to stir it often so the bottom won’t burn). When fully melted separate it into different bowls if you are using food colouring. Another idea can be just mixing white and milk chocolate like those bombons from Belgium (oh yum!)

I decided to go with purple, green and red so I divided the mixture into 4, one part a bit larger than the rest (this one will be for the filling). Once you have mixed the colouring (I didn’t mix it much as i like the marble-like swirls), distribute it on the baking pan carefully covering all the walls in the mould. Try not to fill it up completely as you will need to add the filling.

Bombon cupcake

When the walls have been covered completely, put it in the fridge for 3-4mins until it’s dry. Meanwhile, mix the rest of the filling chocolate with the hazelnut meal and add it to the moulds. The last step is to cover the filling and close the bombon by adding the rest of the coloured chocolate until it reaches the rim. Voila! very tasty white chocolate-hazelnut bomboms!  😀



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