Spring bouquet cupcakes

Nearly spring here in Melbourne (hazards of moving to the Southern hemisphere is that you loose track what season you are in!) so time for flowery, uplifting, colourful cupcakes!

spring bouquet cupcakes

These cupcakes remind me also to my favourite childhood dress. My grand-aunty crocheted an sky blue dress for me and the chest area was full of flowers similar to these in these colours. I couldn’t stop smiling while doing these bouquets, it was a nice way of remembering my grand-aunty’s fabulous fashion work!

spring bouquet cupcakes

These are cherry cupcakes with cream cheese. The bouquets were really easy to make, just cut similar size strips of about 4-5cm and roll them to make the roses. I stuck them all on a green topper I made using a cookie cutter shaped as a four-point star. spring bouquet cupcakes


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