Assorted mini cupcakes

Love mini cupcakes! you get a much better frosting to cake ratio and you can decorate one batch easily with just sprinkles… although the bigger ones are much more fun to decorate!

choco mini cupcakes

These are mini cupcakes for a girly night. Flavours were:

  • Chocolate chip cake with crunchy chocolate frosting
  • Mango cake with mango marshmallow frosting
  • Ube cake with cream cheese frosting
  • Vanilla cake with cherry jam frosting

Vanilla mini cupcake

The ones I was more excited about were the mango ones and the ube ones. I bought these flavours when I went to Philippines and here is a tip to all bakers-travellers: I always check local supermarkets for new flavours or decorations, you never know what you can find!

Ube cupcakes


The Mango ones were a bit tricky cause I wanted to use these mango marshmallows I got from Philippines too (yum, yum by the way) but instead of making them crispy by baking the marshmallows too, I used the microwave and ended up with a sticky, messy icing… Yum but oh my what a mess I made! I’ll be posting a much simpler technique for marshmallow frosting on my next post!


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