Piping, piping, piping

So I’m having one of those days today… a really, really bad piping day… I wanted to decorate a few cupcakes with different tips for my workshop this weekend, so I could show photos of various designs (the cupcakes will be eaten by my loyal sidekick much faster than that!). I made a batch of fluffy buttercream and here is when it all went haywire:

– Two piping bags exploded on me, like not one, no, two! and the icing was fluffy and easily “pipable”… Am I the Hulk? Where these bags made with tissue paper?  my buttercream melts plastic? Will never know…

– When I was ready to pipe again after the whole piping explosion mayhem,  the buttercream was way too soft… and that means fridge… and then way too hard.. and that means wait and then way to soft… Couldn’t get the right consistency to save my life!

– And then, a cupcake fell on the floor… very common but this is the first time it has happened to me so I felt like kneeling and screaming Noooooooo! fists in the air and everything… I picked up the “cupcake down” and cradled it in my hands while my eyes filled up with tears (exhaustion does that to people)…

By the time I finished, 3hr later, my kitchen resembled Apocalypse Now… You know what? I’m not going back in there! I swear! I’m lighting candles to the magical house elves to see if they come and clean for me *wishful* very wishful* thinking… maybe my sidekick? I can see how he retreats to his study, eyeing me suspiciously, while closing the door behind…

Anyways, sorry for the picture-less rant… here are some images of my “creations” pure Frankenstein-style, not happy but too late to start again, will have to live with that… have you ever had a really bad baking day?

Pipping techniques cupcakes

Pipping techniques cupcakes - swirls

Pipping techniques cupcakes - drop flowers


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