Spring Texture cupcakes

Love texture sheets! So simple to use and give cupcakes such a professional look…

Embossed spring cupcakes

On the instructions that come with the sheets (got mines from here, like $7 cheaper that other places for Australia) they suggest two methods:

1. Stamping method: texture the fondant and then use a stamp pad over the raised parts. I haven’t tried this one yet

2. Food colour marker method: colour the raised areas with a food marker. This is the one I used here. It’s a bit laborious to use if you are doing many cupcakes but for a batch of 12 takes like 40mins or so… (I guess it depends how fast you are with your markers)

Embossed spring cupcakes

A short procedure:

  • Roll the fondant to about 30mm thick
  • You are supposed to put some shortening or vegetable oil on the sheet so it won’t stuck but if you do it carefully it’s not really needed (I hate oily fondant!)
  • Press the texture mat to it ( I use the embossed side although the instructions mention the raised one, I think it is easier to paint this way…)
  • Use a round or scalloped cookie cutter to cut the fondant to the shape of your cupcake
  • Leave to dry overnight
  • Use a marker to paint the designs

I have to try the stamp method next time!

Embossed spring cupcakes


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