Easy colourful cupcakes

These must be the easy way to decorate a cupcake aside of the “iconic” swirl… how cool is to use the adjective iconic for cupcake decoration, might be the difference language (my mother tongue is Spanish) but it makes cupcaking sound like a revered, ancient craft! (well it is! hehe)

green purple orange cupcakes

I made these with some extra buttercream I had from the workshop (how could I let it go to waste!!) and I used this technique because it’s so forgiving… so make a mistake, you “plant” a flower on top!

Here is a great tutorial for this technique… I used a few star tips though to make things more interesting (Ateco 16, 21, 32)

green purple orange cupcakes

I’m thinking of possible colour combinations for the next ones but it also looks nice using just one colour, like in this cake I made a while back…

Drop star icing cake



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