Xmas cupcakes

It’s a bit early I know but I am having a Xmas decorating workshop this weekend and thought I’d practice some techniques and ideas!

Santa, Elf and gift made out of fondant and my trusty double sided cookie cutter: one side is scalloped the other is normal.

Santa cupcake by Cupcaketeer


Santa cupcake TIP: use a dented knife to shape the beard.

Little Elf cupcake by Cupcaketeer

Little Elf cupcake! TIP: Use a round piping tip to cut the bib.

Gift cupcake by Cupcaketeer

Gift cupcake TIP: if you don’t have texture sheets you can easily use a toothpick to create polka dot or stripe texture patterns.

Xmas cupcakes by Cupcaketeer

The wreath and the Xmas tree are just piped icing using a star tip (I used an Ateco 21) and the snowman was done with fondant

Xmas tree cupcakes by Cupcaketeer

Xmas tree cupcake: I bought the little peppermint canes from Wilton, so cute and peppermint-y!! Xmas tree cupcakes by Cupcaketeer

Xmas wreath cupcake: Holly & Berries from Wilton, then I used a yellow gel for the ribbon… next time I might use white better!

Xmas  snowman cupcakes by Cupcaketeer

Snowman cupcake: love this little guy! He looks happy! Don’t use a bunch of fondant roll for the hat, just use a mini marshmallow. Same for the body and head… tastes better!






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