Xmas pattern cupcakes

Are these Christmas Ugly sweater patterns?  or cute Xmas baubles? Maybe just christmas-y, scandinavian inspired, pillow cupcakes? They do have a feel of Danish Xmas printed fabric…

Xmas pattern cupcakes by Cupcaketeer

In fact, these were an excuse to use as many different sprinkles as I could! ;D Come on, how many times you get to use hearts, stars, holly, golden balls, candy canes, snowflakes… aside of Xmas? Pretty much never unless you want the cupcakes to look like you had the hiccups while decorating!Xmas pattern cupcakes by Cupcaketeer

So these are my revenge on minimalistic sprinkle usage! ALL AT ONCE! muahahaha, muahahahaha…

Xmas pattern cupcakes by Cupcaketeer

They are actually quite simple to make once you have a few buttercreams done (I had extra from my cupcake workshop…). The tips where a couple of star tips (any will do), a basket weave tip  (Ateco #48) and a medium writing tip (Ateco #4).Xmas pattern cupcakes by Cupcaketeer

Some of the sprinkles are from CK Xmas sprinkles (most of the baking store have them) such as the peppermint candy canes (yum, they smell and taste pepperminty!), holly and berries and golden baubles. The rest of them (stars, hearts and snowflakes) came from my regular collection of assorted stuff I buy around (Aldi/ Lidl had a great sprinkle promo a few weeks back)… Xmas pattern cupcakes by Cupcaketeer

This kind of design is awesome to practice your pipping skills!IMG_Xmas pattern cupcakes by Cupcaketeer6787

Oh, I used tweezers to place the sprinkles around… I started with my hands but it was way too hard to position the sprinkles correctly with my chubby fingers! You can use any tweezers as long as you wash them/ sanitise them first.Xmas pattern cupcakes by Cupcaketeer

Hope you like them! I also made some flat xmas trees in a similar way, will post those soon!
Xmas pattern cupcakes by Cupcaketeer Xmas pattern cupcakes by Cupcaketeer Xmas pattern cupcakes by Cupcaketeer


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