Green mosaic cupcakes

These summer-y cupcakes are blueberry cupcakes with lemon frosting. I am utterly in love with lemon frosting! I used to do lemon curd but I think for summer the frosting is more fluffy and not as rich as the curd. I don’t use lemon essence though, I’ve found that zest from a couple of lemons tastes much nicer! Just choose your favourite fluffy buttercream and change the vanilla for the zest and done!

Green mosaic cupcakes

For the decoration, I wanted to try a mosaic kind of look, sort of like the tiles you might find in the south of Spain but I went with greens and light blue for these cupcakes instead of brighter colours…

I have recently purchased a mini cookie cutter collection and I am so excited about them! They are an assortment of geometrical shapes so quite handy for my mosaic purposes! I actually have a few more projects going on I’ll show you soon…

These are the ones (there are a few other brands but I like this particular geometrical selection):

Mini cookie cutters

Green mosaic cupcakes Green mosaic cupcakes Green mosaic cupcakes Green mosaic cupcakes


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