Hens’ Night Cupcake class

Happy Women’s day! Not that we need any particular day to celebrate ourselves but I’m no one to shy away from any kind of celebration! Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to bake today at all (plus It’s like 30+ degrees here in Melbourne and my kitchen feels like a trip to Mercury without turning on the oven) but I did get back the pictures of the hens’ night class! Perfect for Women’s day!

The Hens’ night class went on great! The hens and the bride all looked amazing. There was a face painting girl there who did gorgeous designs full of colour and glitter. I seriously want her to come and paint my face every day in the morning!

We divided the group into two and had two mini sessions playing with fondant and sprinkles.. they even got to do bows and cut out shapes! It was definitely a fun class and I’m all for doing it again, anyone getting married? ;D

Hens night class Hens night class Hens night class




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