Hopping Easter bunnies

These cute bunnies are made out of marie biscuits and cream cheese then covered in white chocolate. I used fondant for the ears and a tiny heart sprinkle for the nose.

I ended up doing so many that I used them for two “Eastery” cupcake projects: rainbow chocolate chips for the hopping bunnies and dark chocolate with chocolate ganache for Eggs and Bunnies.

Hoping bunny cupcakes

For these hoping bunnies I used vanilla cake with rainbow chocolate chips which left the baked dough all colourfulinside hopping bunny cupcakes

For the grass, I mixed coconut flakes with white chocolate and green colouring so it would create a hard shell once cooled down. Before it cools down stick the bunnies and add some extra rainbow chips as “micro easter eggs”.

Hopping bunny cupcakes


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