Low Carbon Growth Plan cupcakes!

I made these cupcakes for the office warming of ClimateWorks Australia. They are doing a fantastic job promoting a low carbon growth plan for Australia and have a great video with CP (carbon particle) explaining it all.

For the cupcakes, we wanted to showcase the 3 sectors this plan is based on: agriculture and forests, renewable energies (such as wind and solar energy) and energy efficiency (using adequate light bulbs, electric cars, etc).  Forrest  agriculture cupcakes

energy efficiency cupcakesrenewable energy cupcakes

For the 4th cupcake, I wanted to do CP, the carbon particle, in a party mode but this proved to be the most challenging of all! I had to do two trials using different fairy floss  and painting it grey but by the next morning the fairy floss had dissapeared and it was just a black hard candy blob with very big eyes and a giant party hat…

carbon particle cupcakes

In the end I had to do CP out of fondant and it was such a hurry I couldn’t event take pictures of it! Oh well, everybody was happy with the cupcakes and that’s all it matters!

Here are a bunch of CP’s before melting away!

CP cupcakes

Climateworks cupcakes



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