Grindhouse -B Horror movie party

My partner Steve loves grindhouse and B horror movies… yes those ones from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s with bad plots, bad effects and definitely bad monsters that make you laugh out loud rather that scare you… so this year birthday party was a grindhouse fest!Grindhouse B movie party I love themed buffets so here are some ideas for your own gore fest!

Hellraiser cheese dip: I got the idea for the mask here (amazing blog my the way, one of my favourites) and then customised it a little to look like hellraiser using black olives and tooth picks!

Hellraiser cheese dip

Hellraiser cheese dip

Tentacle cupcakes Scary tentacles from the movie… oh well Tentacles… ;D

Tentacle cupcakes

Tentacle cupcakes

Jello green slime shots

Green slime shotsThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre “Handburgers”


HandburgersKingdom of the spiders nachos

Kingdom of spiders nachosEvil dead dips and chorizos

Evil dead dips and chorizos

Hobo with a shotgun cake: and last but not least a peanut-white chocolate cake featuring the hobo from the recent movie Hobo with a shotgun (homage to grindhouse movies by Jason Eisener)

hobo with a shotgun cake

hobo with a shotgun cake


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