Dia de los Muertos cupcakes

Loooove Día de los Muertos in Mexico. In Spain, “the day of all saints” tends to me more sad, as in visiting graves, remembering the dead but in Mexico it’s a celebration of life and death as the natural course of life…

Sugar skull cupcakesI’ve been wanting to go all my life… not yet, but at least this weekend I am going to a sugar skull decorating workshop!! woo hoo! Will cool sugar skulls and all the traditional decorations… I hope to learn a lot about its tradition and meaning, quite excited!

In the meantime, I made some fondant sugar skulls of my own… as a starter for the big one to come! Feliz Día de los Muertos everyone!

Sugar skull cupcakesSugar skull cupcakesSugar skull cupcakesSugar skull cupcakesSugar skull cupcakes


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