The Avengers cupcakes

I must confess I’m guilty of watching The Avengers way too… little times! I watch it twice in the theatres and then again on my flight back and forth from Hong Kong… but you know, 4 times is not enough times when I need something while I wait for Ironman 3!!

Anyways, so more cupcakes for the best sci fi birthday ever! (and lots of fun for me)…

The Avengers cupcakes by Cupcaketeer

More pictures from Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings and others on Facebook.

Captain America (with detachable shield, not so detachable once is sinking in chocolate ganache…)

Captain America -The Avengers cupcakes by Cupcaketeer

Thor (It was hard to make Thor’s armour without looking like he had massive breasts… hehehe)

Thor -The Avengers cupcakes by Cupcaketeer

Ironman (Yay, my favourite character although he looks like smiling and it was meant to be the helmet!)

Ironman -The Avengers cupcakes by Cupcaketeer

The Hulk (must say my partner was not satisfied with this hulk! he kept saying more muscle, more muscle but at the end there was more fondant muscle than cupcake, so I toned it down…)

The Hulk -The Avengers cupcakes by Cupcaketeer

Hawkeye (tried to make arrows from fondant and half way through I was like: “you know what, toothpicks look way cooler” and easier…)

Hawkeye - The Avengers cupcakes by Cupcaketeer

Black Widow (missing her gun but I guess when with the others she is recognisable!)

Black widow - The Avengers cupcakes by Cupcaketeer

Nick Fury 

Nick Fury - The Avengers cupcakes by Cupcaketeer

Loki (making the horns on the helmet was a pain but ended up looking good, he was one of my fav toppers)

Loki - The Avengers cupcakes by Cupcaketeer


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