Piped flower styles

I’m a fondant girl, may I say… I usually decorate with fondant and piping gives me the chills. It’s actually way easier than creating tiny toppers with fondant but I am not much of a buttercream fan and there is no good piping with cream cheese frosting…

In any case, I’m making an effort to pipe more (and better!) starting with flowers, as it’s now spring in Australia. Here is a compilation of easy piped flowers and links to the great professional tutorials out there in the web:

Blossoms (4 petals)

This video tutorial does 5 petals and uses a flower nail. I don’t have a flower nail so I have to do it on top of a glass or similar and the end results are not the same… might consider investing in a flower nail…

Piped flower cupcakes by Cupcaketeer


Doodle flowers

I couldn’t find a tutorial for this cause I basically “invented” them, I mean, I do them on paper all the time when I’m bored and doodling around (yay, procrastination!)… So why not on a cupcake?! I used a writing tip (Ateco 2 or 4).
Piped flower cupcakes by Cupcaketeer



You will need a petal tip for these (Ateco 127, Wilton 104 or similar)… Here is a tutorial.


Piped flower cupcakes by Cupcaketeer




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