I got engaged this weekend! with cupcakes!!

I’m way too excited not to post this! I got engaged this weekend and my beautiful fiancee couldn’t have done it on a sweeter way!

We both love photography, specially lightpainting (long exposure shots done with lights) so he took me to the beach under the excuse of doing a xmas card for his clients. We did a few tests and then he asked me to pose with him in one of the images to give it a more “personal touch”. When I went to check the image, this is what he had wrote!!!!

Marry me? Lighpainting proposal

Then he went on one knee and holding a cupcake with a fondant ring box on it, asked me to marry him! I think I screamed so hard they might have heard me in Spain!

Cheryl Whelan, a friend of us, made the cupcake and even did a few extras for us to have a sweet breakfast next day. Aren’t they gorgeous? I loved every bit of the proposal and definitely love how cute and elegant these cupcakes look… I couldn’t be happier right now! I might need some one to poke me out of cloud 9!

Engagement cupcakes

Engagement cupcakes

Engagement cupcakes


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