Wedding Cupcake Galore!

Wedding cupcakes display

I had a blast creating a cupcake buffet for my two gorgeous friends’ wedding, Justine & Cat… From the design of the cupcakes paper toppers to the flavour selection and above all the fondant topper, it sure was a lot of fun!

Here is a little sketch I made for the brides with the cases, toppers, flavours and tags:

wedding cupcakes

I did find out the hard way that fondant and humid Brisbane weather don’t mesh nicely…  Next time I have to work in that weather I might store the topper on a container half full of rice to see if it dries faster. Also taking photos on low light + red lights + no tripod was hard! So apologies in advance for the quality of the photos…

The flavour selection was:

  • Red velvet with cream cheese frosting
  • Piña Colada with Coconut frosting
  • Dark chocolate with white chocolate frosting
  • Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
  • Lemon/ Blueberry with lemon frosting
  • Mini vanilla cupcakes

 Same sex LGBT wedding topper  Double chocolate cupcakes Wedding cupcakes display  IMG_8520Wedding cupcakes displayWedding cupcakes displaySame sex LGBT wedding topper  

For the fondant topper, I tried to copy the dresses and hairstyles while keeping the dolls quite simple. The brides love the movie Up so I added the ballons as a quirky reference…

Same sex LGBT wedding topper  IMG_7969 Same sex LGBT wedding topper

And here are the gorgeous brides eating my cupcakes! 😀

eating cake

That’s me as a wedding guest + cupcaketeer!

Wedding cupcakes display


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